Dutch Money

Money Design

When one designs money, especially an official banknote, there are two basic ways you can go:

So what, you may say. Well, the outcome can be very different. Here are some examples of the conservative approach (names and pictures have been modified to protect the accused):

Although this banknote is no longer in circulation for many years, it shows how basic and dull gray a banknote usually is.
Wow, this one has some colour! (It is still in circulation.)
Any foreigner who starts using these bills easily mistakes a 1 dollar bill for a 100 dollar bill.
That's not ease-of-use!
And this is the third greyish bank note, to quote a newspaper:
'The [dollar] is worldwide the easiest to counterfeit. The note only has two colours, is made from paper the toilet-paper company ignores and has no watermark'.
(BTW The Treasurer who signed this bill was convicted to four months imprisonment in 1994 because of tax fraud charges.)

Somewhere on this globe there must be nice, attractive banknotes!