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On these pages I offer some serious and some bogus information. It's up to you what you consider bogus!

Dutch BanknotesDutch Money

The introduction of the Euro, and abandoning the Dutch Guilder, is a good reason to show you the last real Dutch coins and banknotes.

Gestalt Selectors List (GSL)

The Gestalt Selectors List provides a list of all known selectors for use by programmers with the Gestalt Manager. The Gestalt Manager is part of the Macintosh System Software and provides information about hardware and software. No longer maintained.

Apple Cork

A report about my visit to the Apple factory in Cork, Ireland in june 1996; in English and Dutch.


Weesp is the town I live in since 1996. See for yourself what a nice town it is.

Dedicated websites

Other websites I publish are listed below. See the websites page for longer descriptions.


Documentatiecentrum Stelling van Amsterdam
Emiel Ros
FMTraining Cursus
Militair Terrein Zeeburg
Radarstation Seeadler
Stelling van Amsterdam


Defence Line of Amsterdam
Emiel Ros
Radarstation Seeadler