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Apple Cork

In june 1996 I went on vacation to Ireland. Together with my girlfriend I drove around in Ireland. As a Mac-freak it was difficult to leave my PowerBook at home. To compensate I arranged a visit to Apple's European factory in Cork, Ireland

René in front of
 Apple Cork (JPEG, 34 Kb)

About the visit to the factory I wrote an article which was published in a (then) new Dutch magazine for Macintosh users called MacFan. There is a Dutch and English version available online.

To conclude this page, here are two other pictures from my vacation. First a personal picture in the harbour of Dingle, the main town on the Dingle Peninsula. Second, the 'postcard' of the snapshots: the monestry of Glendalough.

Dingle harbour (JPEG, 38 Kb)

Glendalough monestry (JPEG, 45 Kb)