Gestalt Selectors List

Gestalt Selectors List 4.4.1

Maintained and published by Rene G.A. Ros
First published: 12 October 1992, 13:15 CET (GMT+1)
Last version : 12 October 1999, 12:15 CET (GMT+2)
Previous update: 12 October 1999, 12:15 CET (GMT+2)
Last modified : 3 November 1999, 23:05 CET (GMT+1)

This document lists all selectors, known to the editor, for use with the Gestalt Manager. They can include selector codes installed by Apple (system) software or by software from third parties (your software?).
The information in this list is useful for programmers who use the Gestalt Manager with their software (even using externals, as with HyperCard, 4th Dimension and so on).
To use this list, you should be familiar with the Gestalt Manager as described in Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities.

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A single question mark indicates an uncertainty regarding the information in front of the question mark. Three question marks indicate complete absence of the information.
See the chapters at the end for more information about this list.


    Gestalt Selectors List
      Changes Overview
      Wish List
    Apple System Software (A-B)
    Apple System Software (C-D)
    Apple System Software (E-H)
    Apple System Software (I-L)
    Apple System Software (Ma)
    Apple System Software (Mb-Mz)
    Apple System Software (N-O)
    Apple System Software (P-R)
    Apple System Software (S)
    Apple System Software (T-Z)
    Apple Additional Software
    Third Parties Software (A-K)
    Third Parties Software (L-Z)
    Unknown Apple Software (A-K)
    Unknown Apple Software (L-Z)
    Unknown Third Parties Software
    Gestalt Manager Calls
      Gestalt Manager Routines
      Gestalt Value Routines
      Undocumented Gestalt Manager Routines
      Custom Routines
      Accelerated 68K Macintosh Computers
      Accessing the Gestalt Manager
      AppleShare File & Print Server selector codes
      Clock Chipped
      Copy protection using Gestalt
      Environs & SysEnvirons
      Executor Mac-emulator
      Gestalt Apple Event
      Gestalt Applications
      GestaltValue & CodeWarrior Problem
      Glue code
      INITGestalt standard
      Mac OS 8
      Machine Names
      Macintosh Application Environment
      Macintosh Compatibles
      Manufacturer Identification
      Modern Memory Manager
      PPC Libraries
      RAM Doubler
      Relabled Macintosh Models
    General Info
      System Managers
      Gestalt Problems
    Definitions and Formats
      Use in Language
      Format Selector Entry
      Format Version Numbers
    About this list
      Gestalt Submission Form
      Legal Stuff
      Editor's Address


This section lists the people who contributed information which is now included with this version of the list.

Contributions to the selector sections
Person                 Software                Selector(s) added/changed
Lars Christensen       File Buddy CP           FBud
                       Font Manager Update     bugw
Jean-Pierre Curcio     Multi-User Startup?     AEsv
                       System                  wind
Marcus Fritze          unknown                 DCon, OSCR
Max Horn               DragThing appl          DocA, Dock
                       Emulator Update Extension
                       iMOnTime ext            Rext
Rene Ros               ColorSync ext           cmtc
                       QuickTime ext           qtsf, qtst
                       System                  cfrg, cput, fole, fs  ,
                                               mpsc, ppc
                       System?                 mfdr, safe, tree, uisf,
                                               uisv, wind
                       unknown                 x86f

Contributions to the non-selector sections
Person                 Chapter/Section


Changes Overview

New selectors:
    Known   : fole, qtsf, safe, tree, x86f
    Unknown : DCon, DocA, Dock, emuv, FBud, OSCR, Rext
Changed selectors
    Known   : cfrg, cmtc, cput, fs  , mfdr, mpsc, ppc , qtst, uisf,
              uisv, wind
    Unknown : AEsv, bugw

Includes updates 4.4.1 up to and including 4.4.1, sent to subscribers of
the mailing list.

Wish list

The table below lists the topics on which more information is needed regarding the Gestalt selectors which provide information about these topics.

Information wanted about:
Gestalt Manager    its future
multi-processing   'kbd ' already obsolete, 'proc' also? :-)
SD-ROM             Super CD-ROM (10x capacity CD-ROM) driver software?
Universal Serial Bus (USB)

machine IDs        for the latest or upcoming Macs

and more info for the General Info/System Managers section