Gestalt Selectors List

General Info

The following sections provide general information needed or useful in relation to the Gestalt Manager.

System Managers

Listed below is a table with the different software components of the System Software with their related selectors. The selectors listed with this table are included in the (known) 'Apple System Software' and 'Apple Additional Software' chapters.
It provides a cross-reference to selectors and a starting point into other documentation (Inside Macintosh).
With System Software versions before 6.0.4 (and Gestalt) you may need to use TrapAvailable to determine the presence of certain system parts.

System Software components and their selectors
Manager                        Determine presence/features by using:
8*24 Graphics Card             gc24
A/UX                           a/ux
ADB Mgr                        ???
Alias Mgr                      alis
AltiVec                        ppcf
AOCE Utilities                 ???
Appearance                     appr, apvr
Apple Event Mgr                evnt
Apple Guide                    help, reno
Apple Photo Access             kpcd
Apple Remote Access            arb , strm
AppleScript                    ascr, ascv
AppleTalk Mgr                  atkv, atlk
AppleTalk Phase 2              atkv >= 53
Apple Text Services Unicode    uisf, uisv
At Ease                        kids
ATA Manager                    TrapAvailable(0xAAF1), ata
ATSU                           see: Apple Text Services Unicode
Audio CD Access                aucd
Authentication Mgr             ???
Blue Box                       bbox
Catalog Mgr                    ???
CD-ROM Software                see:
                                  Apple Photo Access
                                  Audio CD Access
                                  Foreign File Access
                                  High Sierra File Access
                                  ISO 9660 File Access
CloseView                      BSDa
Code Fragment Mgr              cfrg
Collection Mgr                 cltn
Color Mgr                      ???
Color Picker Mgr               cpkr
ColorSync Utilities            cmta, cmtc
Communications Toolbox         ctbm, ctbu, ctbv
                               see also:
                                  Communications Resource Mgr
                                  Connection Mgr
                                  Telephone Mgr
                                  Terminal Mgr
Communications Resource Mgr    crm
Component Mgr                  cpnt
Compression Mgr                icmp
Connection Mgr                 conn
Control Mgr                    cntl
Control Strip                  sdev, csvr
Cuda Mgr                       TrapAvailable(_EgretDispatch) and
                                low mem 0x00000DE0 must be not equal to -1
Cursor Device Manager          TrapAvailable(0xAADB)
Cursor Utilities               qd >= gestalt32BitQD
Data Access Mgr                dbac
Date, Time and Measurement Utilities
Debugger                       debugger dependant, see also MacsBug
Deferred Task Mgr              no need to check?
Desk Manager                   no need to check
Desktop Animation Mgr (Copland?)
Desktop Mgr                    PBHGetVolParms fills GetVolParmsInfoBuffer.
                               Test for the bHasDesktopMgr bit (12) of the
                               vMAttrib field for all volumes.
Device Mgr                     no need to check
Dialog Mgr                     ditl, TrapAvailable(_DialogMgrDispatch)
Dictionary Mgr                 dict
Digital Signatures Mgr         dsig
Disk Initialization Mgr        fs
Display Mgr                    dplv, dply
Docking Mgr                    ???
Drag Manager                   drag
Easy Access                    eajt, easy
Edition Mgr                    edtn
Event Mgr                      no need to check?
Exception Mgr                  no need to check?
File Mgr                       ???, fs
File System Mgr                fs  , fsm
File Transfer Mgr              fxfr
Finder                         fndr
FindFolder function            fold
Flagship                       flag
Font Mgr                       font
Foreign File Access            ufox
Gestalt Mgr                    gval, tabl, vers, TrapAvailable(_Gestalt),
Graphics Worlds                (qd > gestaltOriginalQD and qd < gestalt8BitQD)
                                or (qd >=gestalt32BitQD)
Help Mgr                       help
High Sierra File Access        hscd
Icon Utilities                 icon, TrapAvailable(_IconDispatch)
Infrared hardware/software     irhw, irsw
Interprogram Messaging Mgr     ???
ISO 9660 File Access           hscd, iscd
LAP Mgr                        atlk >= 53
List Mgr                       no need to check ?
Location Manager               fall, trip, walk
MacsBug                        See PT 535 - MacsBug Q&As TechNote
MacTCP                         mtcp
Mathematical and Logical Utilities
                               no need to check?
Memory Mgr                     addr, cash, lram, os
                               see also: Modern Memory Mgr
Memory Management Utilities    addr, TrapAvailable(_HWPriv) ?
Menu Mgr                       menu
Message Mgr                    mess
MIDI Mgr                       ???
Mixed Mode Mgr                 mixd
Modern Memory Mgr              see: Modern Memory Manager section of the
                                    Report chapter.
Movie Toolbox                  ???
Name Registry                  nreg
Navigation Services (Copland?) nvsv
Notification Mgr               nmgr, TrapAvailable(_NMInstall) with System
                                     before 6.0.4 ?
OCE Toolbox                    ocet, oceu
Open Firmware                  opfw
Open Transport                 otan, otmo, otrv, otvr
OpenDoc (CALib)                calb
OS Utilities                   depends on call
OSA                            Use Component Mgr to check for Generic
                               Scripting Component
Package Mgr                    no need to check
Palette Manager                qd >= gestalt32BitQD
Parameter RAM Utilities        no need to check?
PC Card Manager                pccd, TrapAvailable(_PCCardDispatch) [0xAAF0]
PC Compatibility Card          pc
PC Exchange                    pcxg
Picture Utilities              sysv >= 0x0700
Popup CDEF                     pop!
Power Mgr                      powr
PowerTalk                      see:
                                  Digital Signatures Mgr,
                                  OCE Toolbox,
                                  S&F Server,
                                  SDP Find,
                                  SDP Prompt,
                                  SDP Standard Directory,
                                  SMP Mailer,
                                  SMP Sendletter
PPC Toolbox                    ppc
Printing Manager               no need to check?
Process Mgr                    os
Queue Utilities                ???
QuickDraw                      qd  , qdrw, qdtx
QuickDraw 3D                   qd3d, q3vc, q3v
QuickDraw GX                   qdgx
QuickDraw GX Graphics          gfxa, grfx
QuickDraw GX Printing Mgr      pmgr
QuickTime                      qtim, qtrs
Realtime Mgr                   rtmr
Remote Access                  otra, otrv, strm
Resource Mgr                   rsrc
Rhapsody Blue Box              see Blue Box
S&F Server (PowerTalk)         see OCE Toolbox
SANE (OmegaSANE)               ???
Scrap Mgr                      scra
Screen capture                 pic1, pic2
Script Mgr                     scr#, scri, TrapAvailable(_ScriptUtil)
SCSI Mgr                       scsi
SDP Find (PowerTalk)           dfnd
SDP Prompt (PowerTalk)         prpv
SDP Standard Directory (PowerTalk)
Segment Mgr                    no need to check
Server control calls           TrapAvailable(ServerDispatch) [0xA094]
Shared Library Mgr             aslm, slmp
Shutdown Mgr                   TrapAvailable(_Shutdown) ?, pwky, shut
Slot Mgr                       nubs, slot, slt1, sltc
SMP Mailer (PowerTalk)         malr
SMP Sendletter (PowerTalk)     spsl
Sound Mgr                      snd , snhw, TrapAvailable(_SoundDispatch)
Sound Input Mgr                snd
Speech Mgr                     ttsc
Speech Recognition Mgr         srta, srtb
Standard Catalog Package       ???
Standard File Package          stdf
Standard Mail Package          ???
Standard NBP                   nlup
Start Mgr                      ???
System Toolbox (hardware)
   coprocessor                 fpu
   disks                       intd, flpy
   internal monitor            idsp
   keyboard                    kbd
   machine                     mach, mnam
   main I/O bus                bclk
   misc. ICs                   hdwr, mmu , rbv , sccr, sccw, ser ,
                               via1, via2
   processor                   cput, pclk, proc, sysa
   RAM ICs                     ram , prty
   ROM ICs                     rom , romv
   trackpad                    tpad
   vendor                      hrad
System Toolbox (software)      lmem, micn, misc, os
   trap tables                 ostt, tbtt, xttt
   vendor                      srad
   version                     osyv, sysu, sysv
Telephone Mgr                  tele
Terminal Mgr                   term
Text Services Mgr              tsma, tsmv
Text Services Manager for TextEdit
                               tmTE, tmTV
Text Utilities                 depends on call
TextEdit                       te  , teat
Thread Mgr                     thds
Time Mgr                       tmgr
Toolbox Utilities              depends on call
Translation Mgr                xlat
TV & Video                     mtv2, tv
Unicode Converter (Copland?)   unic
Universal Serial Bus           usb , usbv
Vertical Retrace Mgr           no need to check
Video                          see: TV & Video
Virtual Memory Mgr             pgsz, vm
Walkabout                      see: Location Manager
Window Mgr                     wind
Workstation Management Agent   wma.
WorldScript                    scri >= 0x0710, ws 1
XTND Technology                XTND

Gestalt Problems

This section lists all known problems related to the Gestalt selectors. Each problem is also listed with each of the entries in the selector chapters above. The table below provides an overview.

Overview Gestalt selector problems
Software                 Code  Problem                           Status
Apple Photo Access ext   kpcd  always returns 0xFFFFFFF7         R unclear
AppleScript 1.1 ext      ascv  incorrect version format          R unknown
AppleTalk                atkv  majorRev of version in hex          problem?
Color Picker ext         cpkr  incorrect return values?            problem?
Control Strip cp         sdev  two symbolic names defined          problem?
Desktop Printer Ext      pxtn  v1.0 doesn't install selector?      problem?
Easy Access cp           easy  incorrect return values           C unknown
                         eajt  crashes MacsBug Gestalt dcmd      C MB 6.5.3
Icon Utilities code      icon  not installed                     C SYS 7.5
File System Manager      fsm   not installed with System 7.5       UPD 1.0
Link Tool Mgr 2.0 ext    ltma  incorrect version value?          R problem?
PowerTalk ext/Control Strip 1.0 cp
                         sdvr  same selector for both?           C CS 1.1?>
QuickDraw 3D             qd3d  selector function crashes?          problem?
SAM ext                  LLSM  selector function crashes           4.0.1>
Speech Synthesis Manager ttsc  With Sys 7.5.1 PPC Glue bit set
                                on 68K machines                    unclear
Speech Recognition       srta, srtb
                               installed even if no SR possible  R unclear
System (enablers)        alis  QT part. installs but no selector C ok
                         cash  never installed?                    unclear
                         cput  incorrect values 68K header file  C fixed
                               system 7.5? returns incorrect
                                values for 68K                   C unknown
                         ctbv  PM returned 1.1 while ROM has 1.0 C SU 3.0 >
                         drag  HasImageSupport set on Q700?        unclear
                         fs    QT part. installs but no selector C ok
                         intd  bit 1 (disk spon up) not set      R SYS751>?
                         irhw  crashes MacsBug Gestalt dcmd ?
                         kbd   Adjustable Keyboard incorrect     C SU 2.0 >
                               not installed on PM7100 (7.1.2)     unclear
                               Adj. Keyb. incorrect on P6300?      unclear
                         mach  duplicate numbers for PPC upgrade
                                cards and new PPC PowerBooks       problem?
                         misc  trashes D3 register               R unclear
                         mixd  'gestaltMixedModeVersion' is
                                incorrect name                   C fixed
                         pccd  two different constant names
                         qdrw  HasColor set on B/W machines (7.0)C unknown
                         rsrc  PartialRsrcs not set with 7.0     C 7.1 >
                         sltc  No information on IIsi slot       C never?
                               0x0000FFFF on Motorola Starmax      problem?
                         sysv  KanjiTalk 6.0.7 incorrect return value
                                                                 C sysvINIT
                               System 6.0.8 returns 0x0607         never
                               System 7.1.2/PPC card returns 0710  unclear
                         tv    Bits 3 and 4 incorrectly set        unclear
                               Bit 5 incorrectly clear             unclear
System/Apple Event ext   evnt  constants overlap header files    C fixed
Shared Libary Manager    aslm  function of early versions crash    fixed
Transporter ext          TRNS  calling function causes interface
Virex cp?                VrkS  triggers quickscan feature just
                                by calling function
R       = unconfirmed but known to be reported to Apple
C       = confirmed
fixed   = problem is fixed, see selector entry for more information
ok      = meant to work this way...
unclear = unclear if it will ever be fixed
unknown = unknown when it will be fixed

The Gestalt Mgr with System 7.1.2 is suspected of doing several things wrong. This should be fixed with System 7.5 or later.
Also note that with the minimal software installation, i.e. the Disk Tools disk, the system software may lie about the managers present.

The Communications Toolbox for System 6 doesn't install any of the CTB related selectors.

A general Gestalt problem is that NewGestalt calls StripAddress on the procptr passed to it, not on a local copy, so the stripping becomes permanent. This is fixed by System 7.5.1 and later.

Inside Macintosh Operating System Utilities says (on page 1-37) the A0 and D0 registers are used to pass/return data to/from the selector function, MySelectorFunction. This is incorrect since the function is Pascal stack based. (Nobu Toge, Steve Ko)


This section contains a short overview about the history of the Gestalt Manager and its predecessors.


     PROCEDURE Environs (VAR rom,machine: INTEGER);

With the introduction of the Macintosh the system routine 'Environs' was introduced. It allowed to obtain two pieces of information: the ROM version and a value to indicate the machinetype. This "ROM oriented" way soon appeared to be insufficient when the range of Macintosh hardware and software became more diverse.


     FUNCTION SysEnvirons (versionRequested: INTEGER;
                           VAR theWorld: SysEnvRec): OSErr;

With System 4.1 a new system routine was introduced which allowed the programmer to obtain more information about the current configuration. Upon completion SysEnvirons filled the SysEnvRec with the information. This was however an "all-or-nothing" situation, it was not possible to obtain just one piece of information.
To allow for larger system environment records with more information one needed to specify the version number of the system environment record. The last version, introduced with System 6, was version 2 which had nine fields.


     FUNCTION Gestalt (code: LONGINT; VAR feature: LONGINT): OSErr;

You may wonder how one can be so stupid to list the Gestalt routine wrong...
However, this is how the Gestalt routine was presented to developers in the Preliminairy Developer Note regarding System 7 in 1989. It was originally written in 1988.
There was no selector of type OSType as we known it today. Instead a list of numerical constants was used, like:

     zVersion    = $1;   { Gestalt Version }
     zMachType   = $100; { machine type }
     zSystemVers = $101; { system file version }

and nine others.
But the principle used with todays Gestalt routine was there: request one specific piece of information and you'll get it. Nothing more and nothing less. Back then it wasn't the Gestalt Manager since there was only one routine. Both the NewGestalt and the ReplaceGestalt did not exist.
In June 1992 (released in February 1993?) four new functions were added to the Gestalt Manager: NewGestaltValue, ReplaceGestaltValue, DeleteGestaltValue and SetGestaltValue.
The first name/initials of the programmers are returned by two special selectors, namely (OSType) 7 and (OSType) 13. Their names can not be disclosed.


A/UX     - Apple UNIX
ADB      - Apple Desktop Bus
AMU      - Address Management Unit
ARBus    - Apple RISC Bus
ARTA     - Apple Real Time Architecture
AS       - AppleShare
ASC      - Apple Sound Chip
ASCII    - American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASIC     - Application Specific Integrated Circuit
ASLM     - Apple Shared Library Manager
ATA      - ??? (ATA Mgr, for IDE drive support)
ATSUI    - Apple Type Services for Unicode Imaging
AURP     - AppleTalk Update-based Routing Protocol
AWAC     - Audio Waveform Amplifier and Converter
BIOS     - Basic I/O System
Caboose  - processor that manages the keyswitch, system power,
           the real-time clock, and parameter RAM
CDEF     - Control DEFinition (code resource)
CFM      - Code Fragment Manager
CHRP     - Common Hardware Reference Platform
CISC     - Complex Instruction Set Computer (compare with RISC)
CLUT/DAC - color look-up table and digital-to-analog converter IC
Combo    - chip, combines the functions of the SCC and the SCSI controller
CPU      - Central Processing Unit
Cuda     - ASIC that implements the ADB, PRAM and Soft Power on more
           recent Macs. Apperantly this IC will (or already does?) emulate
           the IBM keyboard controller also.
Cyclops  - IC to control remote control receiver.
DAFB     - Direct Access Frame Buffer
DAV      - Digital Audio Video (connector)
DDC      - Display Driver Chip
DESC     - Digitale Video Decoder and Scaler
DFAC     - Digitally Filtered Audio Chip
DITL     - Dialog ITems List (resource)
DLL      - Dynamically Linkable Library or
           Driver Loader Library
DMA      - Direct Memory Access
DN       - Developer Note
DOS      - Disk Operating System (to run a computer???)
DRAM     - Dynamic RAM
DSP      - Digital Signal Processor
EASC     - Enhanced Apple Sound Chip
FAT      - File Allocation Table?
FMC      - Fitch Memory Controller
FPU      - Floating Point Unit
GDEF     - Gestalt DEFinition (code resource)
GPi      - General Purpose Input
IDE      - Integrated Device Electronics
IIC      - Inter-Integrated Circuit, standard bus for talking to TV related
           chips using a 3-wire signal.
IM       - Inside Macintosh
IOP      - Input/Output Processor
IWM      - Integrated Woz Machine
Jaws     - ???
JDB      - Junction Data Bus
JMC      - Jaws Memory Controller
MacOS    - Macintosh Operating System
MCU      - Memory Control Unit
MAE      - Macintosh Application Environment (Mac system on UNIX RISC)
MEO      - Macintosh Easy Open / Mac OS Easy Open
MESH     - Macintosh Enhanced SCSI Hardware
MMU      - Memory Management Unit
NBP      - Name Binding Protocol
NTSC     - National Television Standards Comittee
           (standard broadcast TV in North America and Japan)
NVRAM    - non-volatile RAM
OCE      - Open Colloboration Environment
OMC      - Orwell Memory Controller
OS       - Operating System
OSA      - Open Scripting Architecture:
           OSA is the Open Scripting Architecture. It is the layer upon
           which all scripting languages sit and the method by which
           applications call scripts. (Jon Pugh)
OSL      - Object Support Library
OSS      - Operating System Support chip
PAL      - Phase Alternating Line system
           (standard broadcast TV in most of Europe, South America, and
            southern Asia)
PB       - PowerBook
PCI      - Peripheral Component Interconnect
PCMCIA   - Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PDS      - Processor-Direct Slot
PGC      - Parity Generator Chip
PMMU     - Paged Memory Management Unit
PSRAM    - Pseudo Static RAM
PPC      - Process-to-Process Communication, also:
PRAM     - Parameter RAM
ProDOS   - Professional Disk Operating System? (OS for the Apple ][)
PWM      - Pulse-Width Modulated?
QD       - QuickDraw
RAM      - Random Access Memory (see DRAM & SRAM, compare ROM)
RAMDAC   - Random Access Memory, Digital/Analog Converter
RBV      - RAM-Based Video
RISC     - Reduced Instruction Set Computer (compare with CISC)
ROM      - Read Only Memory
RSB      - Ram Based Sound
RTC chip - Real-Time Clock chip
RPU      - Random Parity Unit
SANE     - Standard Apple Numerics Environment
SCC      - Serial Communications Controller
SCSI     - Small Computer System Interface
SDP      - Standard Directory Package
SECAM    - standard broadcast TV in France and the former Soviet
SIMM     - Single In-line Memory Module
SMP      - Standard Mailer Package or
           Symmetric MultiProcessor
SOM      - System Object Model
Sonic    - chip for built-in Ethernet
Sporty   - a custom IC that provides sound output amplification functions
SRAM     - Static RAM
SWIM     - Super-Wozniak Integrated Machine
TCP/IP   - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TE       - TextEdit (32Kb limited built-in text-engine)
TN       - Technical Note
TTS      - Text-To-Speech
Valkyrie - IC containing the video display control
VDAC     - Video Digital to Analog Converter
VIA      - Versatile Interface Adapter
VM       - Virtual Memory
VRAM     - Video RAM
YANCC    - Yet Another NuBus Controller Chip


A    Apple Computer, Inc.
AD    Documentation & Magazines
AD01   MacTCP Programmer's Guide
AD02   AppleTalk Remote Access API External Reference Specification
AD03   Macintosh Easy Open programmer's docs
AD04   Thread Manager 1.1 and 2.0 documentation
AD05   Drag Manager Programmer's Guide
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AD35   Mac OS 8 Technical Note
AD36   Transitioning to Mac OS X An Overview of the Carbon Programming
AD37   Carbon Printing document (Mac OS X)

Inside Macintosh can be found at:

Sample Code can be found at:

AS    Source code & header files
AS01   QuickTime ImageCompression source files
AS02   CommToolbox 1.1 source files
AS03   MPW Interface files on Bookmark CD 14
AS04   GestaltEqu header file on ETO 12
AS05   GestaltEqu header file on ETO 13
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AS16   PPCToolbox.p header file on CodeWarrior 5 CD
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AS29   Gestalt.h header file of Universal Interfaces 3.1

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The Technical Notes can be found at:

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D01  Vol. 13, No. 9, September 1997, pages 78-86

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