Gestalt Selectors List

Unknown Apple Software (L-Z)

This chapter lists selector codes of which the meaning is not documented and are installed by Apple Computer software, and the first character of the selector code is in the L-Z range.

lang (WorldScript II ? ext [7.2?], part of KanjiTalk7 and
                                   several language kits)
     Returns information about the Language Manager?

     enum {
     #define gestaltLanguageMgrAttr 'lang'
     gestaltLanguageMgrPresent? = 0,
     gestaltLanguageMgr???      = 1,  /* Japanese Language Kit v1.2 */
     gestaltLanguageMgr???      = 2,
     gestaltLanguageMgr???      = 3,
     gestaltLanguageMgr???      = 4,
     gestaltLanguageMgr???      = 5}; /* unknown, Mac OS 9.0 */

LASB (LaserWriter Bridge cp [2.0?], part of Network Software Installer 1.5)

     #define gestaltLaserWriterBridgeAddr? 'LASB'

ldap (???)
lngb (WorldScript II ? ext [7.2?], part of KanjiTalk7 and
                                   several language kits)
     Value found: 0x00001FFF.

lstk (Speech Setup cp? [???], part of PlainTalk)
ltld (??? [???])
     Observed on PowerBook with G3 CPU at 250 MHz.

ltlk (??? [???])
     Observed on Performa 5400/160, Performa 6400/200 and Power Macintosh
     4400/200 but returns an error 2.

ltma (Link Tool Manager ext [2.0?], part of Apple Remote Access 2.0)
     Returns the version of the Link Tool Manager as NumVersion?

     #define gestaltLinkToolVersion? 'ltma'

     The only value I've seen returned was 0x02002008, which would mean
     '2.0d8' which was not correct since the 'vers' recource said '2.0f0'.
     The value is hardcoded in the .LTM Driver resource. (Rene Ros)

lynk (Finder? [8.5?])
     Observed value: 0x02002002.
     Returns information about the file synchronization software of
     Mac OS 8.5? as NumVersion? See also 'synk' selector.

mash (System [7.1P?]/At Ease [1.0?])

     The Starter cp (part of System 7.1P) and Launcher cp (part of
     System 7.5) both contain a 'mash' resource and includes a template for
     it. Can this be the same data-structure? (Rene Ros)

mbox (Mailbox Extension? ext [???], part of PowerTalk?)
     Returns version of Mailbox software as INTEGER.

     #define gestaltMailboxVersion? 'mbox'

MClk (Date & Time cp [7.5], part of System 7.5)
     (SuperClock! cp [4.0] by Steve Christensen)

mcp2 (Network Assistant Startup ext [2.0?])
     (Network Assistant Startup Demo ext [2.0?])

     NOTE: See also 'trns' in this section.

memy (System? [8.5])
mfsc (At Ease? [???])
     Observed on Performa 5400/160, Performa 5400/180 and
     Performa 6400/200.

mjik (MenuMagic ext [1.0], part of System 7.1 Pro and 7.5)

mpl¬ (System? [Harmony/7.6] on PowerBook 3400c/180)

     NOTE: The last byte is the option-r (0xA8).

mtem (Mount'em app [1.0b1-1.0b2] by Mike Wise and Chris Cotton of
                                    Apple Computer)
     See the 'ddsk' selector installed by DropDisk 1.0b3 and later.

mtv! (TV Setup cp [1.0], part of System for Macintosh TV?)

     Not seen installed, disassembled control panel, meaning unknown.
     It's probably an address. (Rene Ros)

nick (??? [???])
     First seen with Mac OS 8.1 updated.

Norm (68K DebugServicesINIT ext [2.0?])
     Pointer to callback function?

nscJ (Scenics? cp [???], part of Mac OS 9.0)
nslc (System? [])
     Observed on Blue/white G3 400 MHz.

NubA (Debugger INIT ext [1.0] distributed with MetroWerks CodeWarrior)
NubD (Debugger INIT ext [1.0] distributed with MetroWerks CodeWarrior)
NubH (Debugger INIT ext [1.0] distributed with MetroWerks CodeWarrior)
NubV (Debugger INIT ext [1.0] distributed with MetroWerks CodeWarrior)
octb (System? [7.5?] on PowerBook 520/540?)
odag (AppleGuidePlugIn ext? [???], the OpenDoc Apple Guide?)
ot   (??? [???])
     Returns information about the Open Transport software?

     enum {
     #define gestaltOpenTransportAttr? 'ot  '
     gestaltOpenTransportPresent? = 0};

     Defined with early test-versions of Open Transport? Never seen
     installed. See the 'otan' selector.

otmv (Open Transport lib [1.1.1?])
     Returns the version of Open Transport Modem software as NumVersion?

     #define OpenTransportModemVersion? 'otmv'

     NOTE: Observed value 0x01000080 is incorrect!?

pcfm (PrintingLib lib ? [???], part of LaserWriter 8.4)
     Observed value: 0.
pcgl (PC Setup cp? [???])
pcin (PC Setup cp? [???])
pcnM (??? [???])
PEG¤ (SoftVVSXCoder ext [1.0a1] by Radius Inc, part of QuickTime 3.0d4)

     NOTE: The last byte is the option-s (0xA7).

PhoN (Express Modem cp [???])
     (PowerBook Setup cp [7.3.1?], PhoneINIT INIT resource)

pill (??? [???])
     First seen with Mac OS 8.1 updated.

pipn (System? [7.5.3? on Pippin])

     See also: 'pipa', 'pipf' and 'pipf'.

port (Powerbook Duo Enabler [1.0])
     (System [7.5])
     (System Enabler 111 [1.0])
     (System Enabler 121 [1.0])
     (System Enabler 131 [1.0])
     (System Enabler 201 [1.0])
     Returns information about the ports?

     enum {
     #define gestaltPortAttr? 'port'
     gestaltHasInternalModem?   = 0?,
     gestaltHasExternalPrinter? = 1?,
     gestaltHasExternalModem?   = 2?};

     System Enabler 201 and PowerBook Duo enabler contain an GDEF resource
     which indicates bits 0, 1 and 2 can be set. (Rene Ros)

ppad (Performa cp [1.1], part of System 7.1P)
ppcv (System? [???])
     gestaltPPCVersionAttr &AS16
     Returns the version of the PPC Toolbox? Or attribute bits?

     #define gestaltPPCVersionAttr 'ppcv'

pprf (Performa cp [1.1], part of System 7.1P)
prfs (System? [8.5?])
     Observed value: 0x01.

ptlk (Speech cp? [???], part of PlainTalk)
     Observed values: 00010000 and 'jss '.

ptsm (System? [8.0?])
puir (IRTalk ext [1.2?])
     Returns the version of the manager for Infrared transmission? as BCD?

     #define gestaltInfraRedManager? 'puir'

     Seen on PB 190cs prototype (0x0100), PB 5300 (0x0200300, 0x01000200,
     0x02010200) and PB G3 Series (0x02010300).
     (Anonymous, Rene Ros, John Mancino)

pwtr (PowerTracer cp [1.0a2NoOpt?])
pxtn (Desktop Printer Extension? ext [1.0])
     (QuickDraw GX? ext? [???])
     Returns the version of the ??? as NumVersion.

     The Desktop Printer Extension included with LaserWriter 8.3 (version
     '1.0f1c2 (nodebug)') contains a resource of type 'GFUN' which looks
     very much like a selector function. The code in it checks for 'pxtn'
     and tries to return a version number. But the code 'pxtn' is never
     installed as a selector!? (Rene Ros)

qdmt (??? [???])
     Observed on a PowerBook 5300ce with System 7.5.3.

Remt (AutoRemounter cp [???])
rdsk (System? [7.6?])
     Returns information about the RAM Disk capabilities?

     enum {
     #define gestaltRAMDiskAttr? 'rdsk'
     gestaltRAMDiskSaveOnShutdown? = 0}; /* Can save RAM Disk on Shut
                                             Down? */

     The Gestalt dcmd included with MacsBug 6.5.4a4 or later ignores this
     selectors because it makes toolbox calls that don't work in the dcmd

rgmr (DVD Region Manager ext [???] with System 8.5.1 or later?)
     Observed value: 0x100 (on Blue/white G3)

rram (System? [8.5?])
     Observed value: 0x09000000.

rrpm (System? [9.0?])
     Observed value: 0x00000000.

SCMR (SCSIMonitor cp [4.0?])
scrf (WorldScript Power Adapter ext? [7.5?])
serh (System? [7.1.2?])
     Returns type of hardware used for serial I/O?

     enum {
     #define gestaltSerialHardware? 'serh' /* Serial Hardware */
     gestaltCHRP?       = 'ChpS',  /* Mac OS 7.6 on CHRP */
     gestaltClassicSer? = 'Clas',  /* returned on PM 8100/80 */
     gestalt???         = 'Impl',  /* returned on Quadra 660AV
                                       with System 7.5.1 */
     gestalt???         = 'PdmS',  /* returned on Power Mac with
                                       Express Modem software */
     gestalt???         = 'TntS'}; /* returned on PM 7200,
                                       PM 8500, PM 9500 with
                                       System 7.5.2 and later models
                                       and systems */

shal (SerialDMA ext [2.0.2?] part of 7.5.2 Printing Update [1.1])
     (System [7.1?])

     #define gestaltSerialHAL? 'shal'

     Returns 1 (Centris 660AV) and 2 (PowerMacs). The SerialDMA extension
     possibly also installs value 3.

     This selector may be installed but returns gestaltUnknownErr instead
     of zero. (Rene Ros)

slnk (MNPLinkTool? [1.0], part of Apple Remote Access)
     Observed: 0x01.

sndx (Sound Manager ext [3.0]?)

     enum {
     #define gestaltSoundMgrAttr? 'sndx'
     gestaltSoundMgrPresent? = 0?};

SNKR (StyleWriter 1200 ext ? [1.0?])
snmp (System? [8.5?])
     Observed value: 0xFFFF.

sr/2 (System? [???])
      Observed on Power Macintosh 9500/120 with system 7.5.3.

srfb (???)
      Observed on Power Macintosh 7200/80 with System 7.5 Upd. 2.0.

swex (System? [8.5?])
     Observed value: 0x01.

syep (??? [???])
     Observed on Performa 5260 and 6300.

synk (Finder? [8.5?])
     Observed value: 0x01.
     Returns information about the file synchronization software of
     Mac OS 8.5? See also 'lynk' selector.

thng (ThreadsINIT ext [2.0?], part of Threads Package)
thrd (ThreadsINIT ext [2.0?], part of Threads Package)
TkAl (Speech cp [1.5?] SpeakAlerts INIT resource, part of English
      Text-to-Speech 1.5?)
trns (Network Assistant Startup ext [2.0?])
     (Network Assistant Startup Demo ext [2.0?])

     NOTE: See also 'mcp2' in this section.

udsk (System [7.1.2 on PowerMac])
udsv (System [7.1.2 on PowerMac])
umod (System? [8.5])
uram (System [8.1])
     Returns the amount of memory available to the user in bytes?

     #define gestaltUserRAMSize 'uram' /* user RAM size */

     See also 'lram' and 'ram '.

valk (System? [7.5.1?] on Power Mac 5200)
     Returns information about the Valkyrie video chip?

     enum {
     #define gestaltValkyrie? 'valk'
     gestaltValkyriePresent? = 0?};

vdrc (PC Exchange? cp [1.0?])

vmcl (System, VM on [7.0])
vmem (RAM Doubler [1.0] by Connectix Corp.)
     Returns type of software used to extend the Virtual Memory Mgr?

     #define gestaltVMExtensionMgr? 'vmem'
     #define gestaltRAMDoubler? 'RaM2'

     NOTE: See 'Reports' chapter (RAMDoubler section) for more information.

waak (System? [7.6? / Harmony d6?]
wnkl (System? [7.5.2?])