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The Gestalt Manager is a collection of system routines which allows applications to test for the availability of software and hardware. Because of the increasing number of different software and hardware configurations, this is getting an important issue. It probably already is and known by the term 'compatibility'.
The Gestalt function allows applications to obtain information about the current configuration. Selectors are used to refer to certain information.
A selector is of type OSType (a four byte value) and usually contain four ASCII characters. For example: the selector 'sysv' causes the version of the current system is returned. Other functions, NewGestalt and ReplaceGestalt, allow programmers to install their own Gestalt selectors.
Programmers need to know these selectors beforehand to be able to request and interpret the value returned by the Gestalt function. See for more detailed information on how to use the Gestalt Manager routines Inside Macintosh part VI (old series) or the new Inside Macintosh: Operating System Utilities book.
The Driver Gestalt calls (status calls to device drivers) and Newton Gestalt mechanism are not covered by this list.

This Gestalt Selectors List intends to list all known selectors, but in reality this means it lists all selectors known to the editor. I would like to see this list to be a combined effort by different persons who have together access to a wide area of information.
This list may contain (educated?) guesses and perhaps even false information, so no guarantee is made about the contents.
You may use this information freely (see Legal Stuff section below), but when you find information not included with this list; please tell me. If you have additions, corrections, comments, suggestions, news about available software, etc., mail it me. Please, also mention the source you used, if any.
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Gestalt Submission Form

You can use this form to report information you found on already included selectors. But you can also use it to register new Gestalt selector codes.
If you want to register the selector code your software installs, make sure you registered your code first with Apple Computer, Inc. Also, it is your good right if you chose to keep the meaning of the response value private. If so, still register so that others can at least detect your software by determining if the selector is present.

Software means, in this form, the software which installs the selector code. Not the whole package, just the extension or control panel (perhaps application) itself.
The package is the product name in which the software is included and distributed.
If data is not available or relevant, leave it blank. When the selector contains non-ASCII characters, please also provide the hexadecimal value.

You can also fill in this form on-line because it is also on the WWW pages of the GSL:

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Package name:

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Gestalt Selector:

Constant name:

First version to install selector:

Source of information:

Short description of the returned response:

Additional constant names and values for the response value meaning:

Please email this form to this Internet address: <depricated>


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